Helmets Room  I  08 February 2021

The Montresso* Art Foundation presents at Jardin Rouge from 08 February, the event (ENTRE-DEUX) CORPS, a residency project by the artists Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki.

Each of the artists questions, in a singular way, the experience of our being in the world. If conscious being is in the world through its body, it is also in the world through impulses and affects. Isabel Alonso Vega and Bence Magyarlaki offer these different fragments.

At Jardin Rouge, Isabel Alonso Vega experimented with different mediums and immortalized the intangible, the uncertain in her sculptures and drawings.

Her works examine our relationship with fear and suffering. They function as a trap for the eye, her figures are abstractions of reality. They are aggregates of luminous and strangely beautiful places, of untied and somewhat frightening bodies…

During his first residence in Morocco, Bence Magyarlaki was interested in the relationship between the body and architecture, exploring the tension between architectural confinement and the material body. In an intuitive process of language unification, the artist uses the body’s memory as a place of production.

From 08 February to 31 March 2021