Created by the Montresso* Foundation, the artistic residency Jardin Rouge supports and accompanies for nearly ten years the research of international artists. Eight studios allow to welcome nearly thirty artists per cultural season, in a preserved environment, conducive to experimentation and dialogue. Jardin Rouge is a creative laboratory in which artists benefit from research time but also help with visibility.

« A world apart that matches the wishes of a community of resident artists » F.A Blain, Beaux Arts Magazine

« It’s not just a place where anything is possible, […] it’s mostly a place where we dialogue with them, incite them, encourage them to explore, to question themselves. Both the founder of the venue and the artistic director […] interact with the artists, helping them to evolve and give them confidence, […] reasonning on the substance and in the long term. « Marc Lenot, Lunettes Rouges


The artist subbmit to the foundation a personal project that he wishes to develop, specifying its content and form. The artistic committee of the foundation then selects the future resident artists (painting, sculpture, photography, installation) who will be invited to stay at Jardin Rouge for a minimum of one month. Thus, up to six visual artists at once are accommodated as part of the residences.

“Creative Laboratory: Protean artistic projects, painting, sculpture, photography and installation, artists are encouraged to explore new mediums.”

« The artists […] are encouraged to push themselves creatively and develop their skills, techniques and try new disciplines outside their comfort zones. » Steven Harrington, The Huffington Post


Jardin Rouge is commited on the long-term to the artists it supports and accompanies. The project is developed in a temporality that makes sense for building a relationship of trust and commitment between the artist and the foundation. The project will have the possibility to be tried, transformed. Focused on the theme of the territory, the Montresso* Foundation encourages artists to question the inherent issues of contemporary art. In the new global chessboard, notions of identity, border or public space are at the heart of current concerns.

« The particularity of this structure is to register in time » Itzhak Goldberg, Le Journal des Arts


The Montresso* team also accompanies the artist in promoting his work, putting all their energy at the service of the promotion and visibility of artistic projects. Thus, the field of investigation is not limited only to creation but extends to its diffusion by the development of events in situ as well as outside the walls.

The artists residency Jardin Rouge is a meeting place between art and its amateurs. Within the so-called « helmet living room », there are regular presentations of projects. The artists exchange, discuss with collectors, answer interviews with journalists, decipher their works with art critics.

The works realized within the residence of artists Jardin Rouge are proposed to the acquisition of the Friends of the Montresso* Foundation, an international network of collectors, thus allowing the retribution of the artist and the financing of the residences and projects outside the walls.