In 2016, the Montresso* Art Foundation inaugurates the Montresso* Art space, a place dedicated to international contemporary creation, located in Marrakesh, a city that opens onto a world in motion and gate of a vibrant and multiple Africa. The space will reveal emerging as well as established artists on a land of contrast, with works that resonates with the dialogues south / south and east / west. The artistic line is limitless, open and protean. The will is to see erecting a place of passage, interaction, questioning, discussion to help make Marrakesh an art city with international dimension. Each cultural season allows art lovers to discover several exhibitions. The itinerant programme for support to creation and diffusion IN-DISCIPLINE marks the high point of the season. The Montresso* Art Space also hosts the presentation of the Montresso* Collection, an event that provides an opportunity to take each year a thematic look at the Foundation’s permanent collection. Both are presented alternately with exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artists.


The XXL programme questions the notion of monumentality through an open dialogue between several artists from the artistic residency Jardin Rouge. This problematic finds for each of the artists different plastic and graphic answers in a sort of archeology of the future that offers to their art the freedom to exist in all its expansive potentiality. In the excessiveness, they explore the articulations, the points of passage and of tension of their artistic approaches, in order to offer the spectator an immersive experience.


IN-DISCIPLINE is a itinerent program of help with creation and diffusion. Aimed at visual artists in a first triennial phase in Africa, then in other regions of the world, IN-DISCIPLINE combines creative time and diffusion time under the aegis of a referent artist. Under his sponsorship, artists are invited to Jardin Rouge to think of an innovative exhibition, showcasing a new vision. It will take place at the heart of an international event and then become itinerant, according to the partnerships set up by the foundation.


The Montresso* Foundation wishes to honor, through an individual exhibition, an artist with whom a history has begun and remains to be written. Within this monumental building, the artist is freed from the normed shackles imposed by the art market. The work, in its most intimate dimension, the most limitless, liberating, coats the exhibition space. Gérard RANCINAN inaugurated this format in 2016, followed by JonOne in 2017 and Wahib CHEHATA in 2018.


The foundation presents once or twice a year a part of the Montresso* permanent collection through points of convergence and themes. The works of the artists of the residency Jardin Rouge as well as the works directly acquired by the foundation offer a temporal and multiple look at the artistic intuition of the Montresso* Foundation. It will eventually be presented in the heart of a dedicated space.

° The contemporary art space organizes guided tours every Friday and Saturday by appointment at In 2019, the venue will open to the public in a lasting way thanks to new spaces that will facilitate its reception.