Settled in Morocco since 2009, the Montresso* Foundation is a hybrid place that aims to support the creation and promote the diversity of fields of the current artistic research.

Through its artistic residence Jardin Rouge, its art space and off-site actions, the Montresso* Foundation is committed alongside the artists to promote a multiple approach that transcends borders and standards.

The Montresso*Foundation contributes to the artistic development of Marrakesh alongside with the local cultural actors in order to encourage encounters between the different pictorial and intellectual approaches.

Arts and culture play a vital role in a changing contemporary society. By affirming another dimension of the present, art allows the individual to be moved, to identify and query himself. Because artists question relationships with the world and open up unprecedented perspectives, the Montresso* Foundation must ensure its role as an ART KEEPER.

“The Montresso* Foundation is a singular place because of the support and trust it creates with resident artists; but also a space for dialogue and meeting with collectors, journalists, amateurs and professionals of the art world.”

The Montresso* foundation was born of an unparalleled commitment from its founder to many artists for over thirty years. The Montresso* Foundation has so far a large collection of contemporary art voluntarily heteroclite, inherited from the successive interests of its founder. Important pieces stand alongside the works of young contemporary artists and artists in residence.

At the heart of an olive grove, in the quiet of a small village located about twenty kilometers from Marrakesh, the artistic residency Jardin Rouge asserts itself as a singular place welcoming each year artists from all over the world, emitters and transmitters of a protean language. The Montresso* Foundation supports artists in a sustainable way in the development of a personal artistic project. Jardin Rouge is a creative laboratory where artists can indulge in singular plastic research, try out different materials and experiment with new perspectives. Centred on the issue of the territory, Jardin Rouge is a place of exchange and sharing.

Since 2011, the Montresso* Foundation develops projects outside its walls to promote the work of artists it supports in new territories, in the heart of the public space or in partnership with Moroccan and foreign institutions.

The inauguration in 2016 of the Montresso art space marks a milestone for the foundation. With a modern architecture and smooth lines, this imposing exhibition space is entirely dedicated to a mise en abyme of contemporary creation. Four to five events per cultural season reveal the research of international artists through an inclusive mediation. To transmit knowledge, to deepen the observation and to provoke reflections while telling the history of the foundation are the aims of the Montresso* Foundation.