XXL#1 – JonOne TilT FenX CedriX Crespel

Espace Montresso  I  12.12 to 30.01

The Montresso* Foundation, in partnership with David Pluskwa Art Contemporain, are making this an annual artistic event based on the topic of monumentality. Attending this inaugural edition will be iconic artists from a generation imbued with counter-culture and urban culture: Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne.

Four different outlooks take the artists beyond the usual scope infiltrating the venue, pervading the floor and the entire space. From figuration to abstraction, these artists coerce viewers into reflecting upon the deconstruction of the linguistics of contemporary art and graffiti. Through an open dialogue Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne examine articulations, passage points and the contrasts between their artistic approaches.

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