Helmets Room  I  07 December 2020

For more than fifteen years, Olivier Monge has been criss-crossing territories to photograph the invisible. In Morocco, and more precisely in Marrakech, he has taken up the subject of the city’s identity and ancestral heritage to develop a photographic narrative created during his artistic residencies at Jardin Rouge.

Without lyricism, Olivier Monge sets his gaze on what our eyes in our daily lives don’t see or no longer see: the water, the palm tree, the khettara, the wadi, the breakwater.

He composes in images a moral of the essential. For the water and the palm tree, the superimposition of tens of photographs reveals an unusual plot leaving us free to build a new imaginary. Alternating shadow games and change of scale, the artist guides us through a cartography of aerial or satellite views revealing under another prism, the khettaras and wadis. Sculptural and intangible, the breakwater of the Tensift Bridge is lost in a very hard light, as if frozen, in a beauty that resists.

From 07 December 2020 to 17 January 2020