Vitaly Tsarenkov aka SY was first noticed for his massive mural frescoes made of multiple coloured facets, in his hometown of St Petersbourg.

Trained as an engineer and fond of technical designs, Sy developed a very geometrical image treatment, using the forms’ ambiguities in order to show works influenced by optical art.

Now, Sy is progressively drawing away from these angular pieces, freeing himself from the three dimensional aspect of these images and showing more surrealist works. His geometrical prism remains in his use of colour, in service of the form.

In 2014, at Jardin Rouge, Sy created a series of canvases and wooden boards that plays with visual cluttering and brainwashing, could it be social, political or cultural.


Group Show – Behind the Red Wall // Jardin Rouge, Marrakech.


Mural – LGZ Festival // Moscow, Russia

Mural – Festival Remp’Arts // Azemmour, Morocco