Established on the “fringes of popular art”, so dear to his forefather Dubuffet, Skunkdog elaborates raw, extremely incendiary works of art. Attentive to the world around him, Skunkdog depicts his time. He doesn’t want to denounce but to state the reality of society as he sees it. His pursuit of neutrality, however, cohabits with a thought stampted by punk culture and street codes, a kind of creative anarchy.

After having filled, worked and covered infinite surfaces of paintings, Skunkdog’s residencies at Jardin Rouge gradually led him to turn to new mediums delivering us new prophetic messages about our world. His totemic sculptures were the starting point. Today the raw work of Skunkdog is experimented around bas-reliefs and electronic installations always testifying to the decadence of our civilization.

Skunkdog lives and works in Marseille, France.

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​(Sélection d’expositions)


Imflammable Material, David Pluskwa Art Contemporain, Marseille

Hors les murs, David Pluskwa Art Contemporain, Marseille


Skunkdog, galerie Stammegna, Marseille


Heads, Galerie Massalia, Marseille


Idees of March, Le Jungle, New York City


Idees of March, Le Jungle, New York City



COSMIC SAFARI, the last artwork of Skunkdog is a bas-relief made of wood and electric installation. It was realized in May, 2018 with his friend Tim.

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