Skunkdog vs Kokian 

Jardin Rouge  I  June 2018

The Montresso* Art Foundation presented the projects of Skundog and Kokian in the helmet salon of the residency !

Skunkdog has had a close relationship with painting for many years. He has followed each of its schools, learned its techniques and mastered its chromatic alliances. He knows its masters and has visited its great collections. So, after filling, working on and covering countless canvases, he shifted his focus – at the start of last year – to a new format: sculpture.

Kokian born in 1971, Kokian is a French artist and one of the heirs of the “Bad Painting” neoexpressionist movement typified by Basquiat and many other artists of that generation. After an early childhood spent in Burma and Morocco, Kokian moved back to France where he first experimented with graffiti in the streets of Paris before moving to New York in 1995.

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