Skunkdog- CCCP

Jardin Rouge  I  February 2018

The Montresso* Art Foundation presented Skunkdog- CCCP, Can’t Crush Crazy people.

Fragments of a life story, the painting of Skunkdog is a praise to madness. In a cheerful and seemingly harmless tone, the artist fights the dogmatisms and fanaticisms of our world. The social being is at the heart of his creation.

Kind of strange and paranoid Lucifer for some, epicurean, generous and sensitive for others, the artist acknoledges a return to the real and the sensitive. He developped his work for more than a year during his successive residencies at Jardin Rouge, Marrakesh. The chessboard becomes his great project, his object of analysis …. he excoriates there the grip of transhumanism. His set of ten sculptures completed by a series of paintings and drawings features beings, half-human, half-robots. These exoskeletons are the allegorical characters of the madness of men. Skunkdog presents a tribute to insanes, marginalized and autodidacts of all kind.

Outside the norms, Skunkdog spends his time LIVING. It is necessary for you as « attentive spectator » to take the time to decrypt, to discover the signs and the obsessions of the artist. For the artist, it is necessary to bring back  the metaphysical pretensions of men to their true measure.

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