Roxane Daumas graduated from the fine Arts School of Aix en Provence and creates her art in the heart of the ‘space’. Focused on the curiosities which take place in our society, the artist emphasizes the contrasts, the incoherence’s and the illogicality of contemporary mutations in the space. A multi media artist, from the photography to the oil painting, through in-situ installations, Roxane Daumas develops, at Jardin Rouge, a series that questions ‘territory in transition’.

After the ‘Wallonie’ project, within which Roxane played with the phosphorescence of the painting to highlight the deindustrialization of territories, the artist now develops the ‘Calabre’ project, whereby the unfinished and  abandoned architectures are confronted by the blurred landscape,like a moment frozen in time.

Although her first canvas was inspired by the Italian landscape, Roxane Daumas now wants to continue and develop her project in Morocco, this country of contrasts where the architecture and the space notion differs from typical villages to large cities.

Photographs 3, 9, 10 by ©OlivierMonge/MYOP

(Selected exhibitions)


«Herstal – Seraing / Wallonie 2, 3 et 4», Exhibition «Figure du Double», Musée des Tapisseries, Aix-en-Provence


«Herstal – Seraing / Wallonie 1 et 2», Exhibition «Figure du Double», Bouc Bel Air Castle


«Vous Êtes Ici», Exhibition «De l’Autre Côté du Miroir», MuseeAv, Nice
«Containers en Transit», «Peu Importe, Ici, Vous Êtes Ailleurs», Exhibition «Urban Works», Domaine de Fontblanche, Vitrolles
«Cafétéria Vénicienne», Cultural center of Marignagne
«Peu Importe, Ici, Vous Êtes Ailleurs», Exhibition «Alibi Hic et Nunc», Hôtel 3.14, Cannes


«Ascention Sociale», Exhibition «Prologue», Espace Square Architecture, Cannes