Roxane Daumas – Architectures Inachevées (Unfinished Architectures) 

Jardin Rouge  I  October 2018

Decayed by time, stigmata of an era of uncontrolled real estate speculation, these concrete skeletons have become temples, witnesses, and a paradigm of our contemporary inconsistencies. « Architectures Inachevées” (Unfinished architectures) is the continuation of a plastic research on fluttering territories, a research project that originated in South Italy. As such, Marrakech emerged as an evidence during a residence in Jardin Rouge (Montresso Foundation). After two years of multiple residences at Jardin Rouge, the Montresso* Art Foundation presents the project « Architectures Inachevées » (« Unfinished Architectures ») by Roxane DAUMAS.

She is a talented visual artist, for this exhibition she will eleven drawings made in black stone and a series of polaroids on the human immoderation that is the construction without reflection.

Roxane Daumas bases his work on photography, under exposed, in a shooting thought for the drawing, it thus questions the support and the report to the mediums.

The Unfinished Architectures are everywhere along the roads of Morocco, real estate and speculative madness acts and leaves deadly landscapes on the horizon.

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