Group Show – Red Light District

Jardin Rouge – Marrakech – December 2014

A smell of spray can and acrylic paint, colours and style… Red Light District invites spectators to examine their own perception in order to reveal their visual bias by observing and analyzing the works of six artists:   ECB, Ceet, Benjamin Laading, Reso, 310 and Denis Tevekov.

Hendrik Beikirch, a German artist also known as ECB, immortalises brief encounters in his portraits while the mascot of the artist CEET, a chicken under a mutation process, invites itself along with celebrities.

Benjamin Laading’s work echoes the celebration of the unexpected, the deterioration, the vandalism; and questions the position of counterculture in our societies.  Reso boasts his tag and plays with the overlapping of lettering and calligraphy, the result of a crossing between the East and the West.

While 310 manipulates art’s iconic images in a nostalgic fashion, Denis Tevekov’s gesture is comparable to a flashing outburst, an energetic momentum suspended in time.

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