Tariq Ibn Ziad School I  Marrakech  I  April 2016

POES and JO BER worked together to create a revisited version of the infamous board game “The game of Life” created by Milton Bradley in 1861 and popular in the 90s.

The monumental artwork is designed to look like a video game. The Master of the game with robotic features invites the children in a playful world, with joyful characters and colourful experience. The adventure of Life goes through different seasons, starting in the spring with a growing tree of knowledge. The summer will be the time to escape and relax. The arrival of autumn reveals stairs, levels where they can gain additional knowledge. As winter comes, so does the snow and the urge to reach for the stars, and become a cosmonaut!

Through the seasons and cycle of life, artists POES and JO BER deeply desire to provide children of the college Tarik Ibn Ziad a joyful and creative vision of life based on knowledge.

With the funding of the MONTRESSO* ART FOUNDATION and the support of Hanaf and Colorado, this extraordinary project came to light.

In partnership with the Marrakesh Biennale.

The artist JOBER 

The artist POES