Olivier MONGE

    Born in 1974, graduate of the ENS Louis Lumière, lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. His work at the large format chamber deals essentially with the representation of the territory and the impact of man on his environment. His numerous publications include Nice, hier et aujourd’hui, Gilletta, 2003, Le port de Nice des origines à nos jours, CCINCA, 2004, La promenade des Anglais, Territoire, 2005 and Nice Torino, Territoire-Gilletta-Happax, 2007. Co-founder of the Territoire association, he has been exploring the winter sports resorts of the southern Alps for the past five years, using a cross-disciplinary approach combining a contemporary artistic vision and sensitivity to the current challenges of these leisure destinations. In addition to his long-term projects, he regularly collaborates with the national and international press (Libération, Le Monde, Stern, L’Express Style, etc.).