Mouna Saboni, franco-moroccan photographer, was born in Rennes in 1987.
After a master’s degree in Social and Solidarity Economics at the university, she joined the National School of Photography in Arles from which she graduated in 2012. Her photographic work focuses on the quest for identity, which she questions a personal memory, intimately linked to the territory. During her career, her research has led her to carry out long-term projects in Palestine, Morocco and Brazil.

For her first residency project, « Traverser », Mouna Saboni produces a series of photographs. In a true identity quest, she travels throughout Morocco to study her own relationship to an immediate environment, as well as that of individuals she meets during her trips. By affixing Arabic calligraphy to some of these images, the artist thus makes her journey, marked by the two shores of the Mediterranean, resonate. Like an open book, the pages of her history follow one after another, in an overwhelming echo.

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(Exhibition selection)

Solo shows

Galerie éphémère O’Retroviseur, Rennes

Projet « Partir », siège social d’Olympus, Paris
Présentation de « Je voudrais voir la mer » à l’Institut National de l’Histoire de l’Art, Paris
Projection personnelle, Festival Off des Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles


Collective exhibitions 

« Exil » Galerie Joseph Antonin, Arles. Projet « Partir » et « Je voudrais voir la mer »

« La peur », Institut du Monde Arabe, 1ère Biennale de la Photographie du Monde Arabe, Paris.
Projets en Arménie, au Brésil et en Palestine, Berges de Seine, Paris.
Projet « Je voudrais voir la mer », Institut français, Mexico, Mexique. : Exposition collective, projet « Partir », Medcop 21, Marseille.

Projet « Je voudrais voir la mer », Festival Unseen Amsterdam.
« El Haal », Festival off Visa pour l’image, Perpignan