Maya-Inès TOUAM

Maya-Inès Touam, artist photographer born in France of two Algerian parents, has always stretched her eyes and her curiosity on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.

Graduated in 2013 of the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, this young artist questions in her visual creations the feminine power in the Arab world and our representations of Arab-Muslim societies.

During her first residency at Jardin Rouge she started a photographic series « Ready Made », in the continuity of a work of still lifes. Drawing inspiration from 17th-century Flemish aesthetics, Maya-Inès Touam creates contemporary compositions based on traditional, but also more modern, Moroccan handicrafts. Like a mirror of Moroccan society today, these still lifes play with our imagination by diverting objects from their original meaning or by mixing antagonistic artifacts.

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Personal exhibitions


Des Rives; Ready Made, Lcc Program, Casablanca, Maroc


Révéler l’étoffe; exposition personnelle-conférence, Fuller University, Los Angeles, Usa

Révéler l’étoffe, Alger- Oran OZANEAUX Artspace, New York, Usa

Révéler l’étoffe, Oran, Galerie Myriam Bouagal, Paris, France


Collective exhibition


Octobre, exposition Seen Art Gallery, Alger, Algerie

Les nuits photographiques, Essaouira, Maroc

Inner Space/Outer Space; RIU, Rimini, Italie

Fotohaus; Voies-Off, rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

Kerkennah_01 festival de photographie, Kerkennah, Tunisie

Un oeil sur le monde arabe; Institut du monde arabe, Paris, France

Paris Secret(s); 104Paris, Paris, France

Shelves, Hangers, desks; Le coeurParis, Paris, France


Arkane-Afrika, 3 ème édition, Casablanca, Maroc

Biennale mediteranéenne d’art contemporain, Oran, Algerie

Bourse du talent #67 Révéler l’étoffe; Maison de la photographie, Lilles, France


Scholarships and awards

Résidence Arkan; Casablanca, Maroc en 2015 et 2017

Sélectionnée à la Bourse du talent #67 Mode

Sélectionnée pour PhotoMed via Lensculture