Jardin Rouge  I  December 9, 2019

A child of street culture, Cédric Lascours a.k.a Reso has been stridden across cities and his city, Toulouse, since the 1990s. As an emblematic Wild Style artist, he makes his artistic practice a way of life and goes from the street to the studio without contradiction.

His latest series « Les Petits Papiers » is a continuation of his research on the matter that began five years ago at Jardin Rouge. It is the result of several residencies, of reflection and confrontation with himself.

After delivering traces of urban life on imposing jute canvases, RESO presents its precious Talismans. The essence of his works no longer comes from outside but reveals close magical objects. Fascinated by paper and the intimate links that men have had with this material for 2000 years, Reso offers us this Cosa Mentale that holds our memories.

From December 9, 2019 to February 4, 2020