Diane Marissal and Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne, a Lille-based duo of illustrators, began their collaboration in 2015 under the studio name of « Les Canailles ». The literary and artistic influences of one combine with the visual and graphic culture of the other. This is when a creative four-handed work is born between collage, painting and silkscreen printing around coloured and abstract compositions with a deliberately reduced colour palette.

Arrived at Jardin Rouge in January 2019, they have deepened their research on storytelling. For their « Nuit Blanche » residency project, they have studied the narrative schema of the story by developing a corpus of word families.  Like a musical score of their own alphabet, they have given life to a series of cut-out paper collages with abstract and colourful forms in which the game is set up through a free narrative. It is then on the theme of the amorous encounter that their plastic research in volume is declined, thus inscribing the story in space. The symbolic force of shapes and colours, where the image transcends the text. Les Canailles opens the doors of a universal heritage to us, for the time of a night reverie.

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Festival Microscopies, salon de la microédition, Lille, France
Brighton Illustration Fair, England
Combo-combo festival, Ateliers Jouret, Roubaix, France
Creative workshops designed for the Graphic Kermesse as part of Une saison graphique, Le Havre, France
Realization of two frescoes for Casa Corona, Paris, France

Puces de l’illustration – 5th edition, Paris, France
Artistic direction and scenography of the festival Les Nuits des Arènes 3rd edition, Paris, France
Exhibition and creative workshops at La Régulière bookstore, Paris, France
Collectif Gribouilli, Paris, France
Café de la Presse, Paris, France

La Recyclerie, Beware Mag !, Paris, France


Magazine Georges – Graou
Papier Magazine n°5
PLI magazine – 3rd edition
Errratum-14th issue
Contribution Fanzine Gribouilli #1, #2 et #3