Marrakech I  June 2019

A night dedicated to words, life stories, to tales. The third edition of « La Nuit du Récit » (The Night of the Storytelling) celebrates the French-speaking narrative of North and West Africa by inviting five artists to share their imaginations and question their identities. In the heart of the Agafay desert, the night opens with the voice of Emmanuelle Sarrazin and the words of the Senegalese author Fatou Diome. Senegalese and Moroccan storytellers Massamba Gueye and Ahmed Bouzzine unfold their fantastic and militant tales before immersing themselves in « Nuit Blanche », an installation created by Les canailles, a duo of Lille artists, at the heart of which tale and image meet.

Begun in February 2019 as part of their residency at Jardin Rouge, « Nuit Blanche » invites the viewer to explore the allegorical dimension of the images to step into the shoes of a storyteller and let his interpretations run free in order to recreate a space of spiritual, unusual or poetic fiction. Between installation and play, Les canailles thus open to us through « Nuit Blanche » the doors of a universal heritage, for the time of a night dream.

Camp Lodge « Terre des Etoiles », Agafay Desert

Saturday, June 22 2019