The Collective
Sun 7, Louis Granet​, Michel Mirabal​ and Babou

Jardin Rouge  I  May 2018

The Montresso* Art Foundation presented the projects of SUN 7​, Louis Granet​, Michel Mirabal​ and Babou​ in the helmet salon of the residency !

Louis Granet‘s work is based on the links between comic strip and painting. The re-appropriation of images that he superimposes tends to disorientate the public. The spectator is facing abstract forms and representational images at the same time.

Graduated in Visual Arts at the Fine Arts National Academy San Alejandro (1996), Michel MIRABAL studied in New York at the Rockefeller Scholarship (1997) and specialized in Industrial Design at the High Institute of Design in Havana. He worked as a scenery painter for the Cuban National Ballet Company and for the Production Department of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

Activist of the Parisian graffiti scene since the age of 13, Babou focuses his practice on the atmosphere of the night and the gesture of the tag. He explores the social and visual interactions that are created in the urban twilight, the energy and the movement of the street. Babou experiments with a nocturnal dramaturgy, from the realization of the tag towards a conceptualization of the movement.

In his artistic practice, the shapes pour out of an automatic writing Sun7 develops. Neither syntax nor logic, but an upheaval of the being. The intuition is as much necessary as the gesture is visceral.

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