La Collective

Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland et Sun7

Jardin Rouge  I  May 2017

The artists residency Jardin Rouge presents the works of residence Markus Genesius, Omar Mahfoudi, Valérie Newland and SUN7.

Markus Genesius presents this first sculptures, structured abstractions by glasses layers which let appear a three-dimensional TV test card. Omar Mahfoudi confronts himself to his political references and deconstructs the military portraits, toward the torn sensibility of the individual, a long way from the representation of the power. Valérie Newland tackles the femininity through the thread, in the tradition of the Supports / Surfaces school. Sun 7 reveals a drawings series, in the continuity of his researches on the letter as a line, vector of energy.

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