Kouka is a painter born in Paris in 1981. Franco-Congolese, he ceaselessly questions his origins, through his paintings and street art. Asserting himself through an obsessive focus on the self-portrait, Kouka questions his identity.  By adding his « Writings » to figurative elements, the artist creates a veil between his face and the viewer, the words are thought provoking and extend the impact of the self-portrait. Sometimes the subject recedes and allows the power of the text to appear. Indistinct, inscrutable, enigmatic, the language is not identified anymore, words turn into symbols, the power of interpretation is elsewhere.

Kouka’s researches are mainly revolving around the essence of human nature and the Bantus warriors in particular. According to him, they represent Man living in harmony with nature, a culture at peace with our planet. These Bantus warriors are now standing on the walls of many cities; the artist wishes to remind us that while a territory can be seized, culture cannot be taken over.

His work is characterised by expressiveness and spontaneity of gesture, deliberately showing the imperfections and the drips. An honest man who became an iconic artist of the Jardin Rouge residency.

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Dos au Mur, Jardin Rouge, Marrakesh, Morocco

Installation Le guerrier de la République, Biennale de Dakar, Ile de Gorée, Senegal


«Inexterieur», FIAC, Paris, France
«8e Avenue», FIAC, Paris, France
«Butterfly», Taglialatella Paris, France
Bantous, No[s] Culture[s], Jardin Rouge, Marrakesh, Morocco
Dali fait le mur, Strasbourg, France
Festival Awaln’Art, installation, Marrakesh, Morocco
WynwoodWalls, Miami, USA


Solo Show, Taglialatella Gallery, Paris, France

«Dali Fait le Mur», Espace Dali, Paris, France

«Pièces Détachées, Wallworks Gallery, Paris, France

«Made In France», GCA Gallery, Nice, France

Art Stage Singapore, We Are Asia, Singapore