KATRE – Urban Memories

La Conserverie, Marrakesh I November 2018

As part of the professional meetings of 23 and 24 November 2018 « Art and urban planning: rethinking the city – African expertise » initiated by the Awaln’art association, the artist KATRE went to the Conserverie, industrial wasteland where the organization has installed its laboratory. KATRE presents as part of his residency, his project « Urban Memories« .

In 1993, KATRE made his first graffiti. Ten years later, he presents his first painting where painting and photography mix: an aesthetic approach that will become his trademark. The artist’s fascination with abandoned places is an opportunity for him to reflect on the occupation of territories in urban areas. KATRE plays with media and volume by offering installations that combine photography, painting, neons, straps and gravas, in order to offer the spectator a stroll in his universe of urban explorer.

The artist, immersed for two months as part of his residency at Jardin Rouge, artistic residence of the Montresso Foundation *, surveyed the old industrial district of Marrakech to show us these abandoned places. Through the artifact of the trompe-l’oeil, KATRE proposes an urban walk around but also within the walls of the Conserverie so as to reveal to us the plural memories of the places and its former occupants.

La Conserverie, Marrakech

From November 24 to December 22, 2018

Open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2 p.m to 6 p.m

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