Jace is the creator of Gouzou, an adorable little character who travels along with him and invades the walls all over the globe. With his character, Jace deploys a childish, caustic and derisive world. Gouzou can either be manipulative, in love or impulsive, and always finds a way to wittily adapt to his environment. Jace takes care of placing Gouzou in the perfect spot and context for each of his appearances, granting him a pictorial power in situ. Frenetic carrier of love and poetry, his style and message reflect with an ecstatic accuracy his multiethnic culture, his hunger to travel, his desire to share his work in modesty.
The confidential graffiti artist from the late 80s is now considered as a major trailblazer of ultramarine street art. Although he still lives on the volcanic rock of La Réunion in the Indian ocean, Jace travels across the ocean whenever he can to look for new spots. So far, twenty countries have been blessed by his stamp: the United States, Madagascar, China, Luxembourg and Brazil.

Jace was invited at Jardin Rouge for the event Behind the Red Wall (2014) and them for the project Tmecha fel Medina. Supported by the city of Marrakech, the Montresso* Foundation presented in July 2017, in collaboration with Awaln’art and the French Institute of Marrakech, the project Tmecha Fel Medina. It is a artistic and cultural course, inspired by places, tales, legends and stories of life. Jace paced the medina, accompanied by many children and intrigued inhabitants. He realized fifteen murals from the Mellah to the Sidi Youb square.

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(Selected exhibitions) 

« Je t’aime,un peu, beaucoup… Gouzou! », Galerie Mathgoth, Paris
Tmecha fel Medina, Exposition, Dar Moulay Ali, Marrakech, Maroc
Tmecha fel Medina, Parcours artistique et culturel, Marrakech, Maroc

Jace, Festival Mister Freeze, Musée de l’affiche (MATOU), Toulouse
Un été au Havre, fresques murales dans la ville, Le Havre
« Le MATOU donne carte blanche à JACE », Musée de l’affiche de Toulouse, Toulouse
« JACE et l’école havraise »; La bohême, Deauville
« 70 ans de la galerie Hamon », Galerie Hamon,Le Havre
Artist residency, Jardin orange, Shenzhen
Beirut urban wall, Marc Hachem, Beyrouth
Milano affordable art fair, Opus art Galerie, Milan
Biennale du Cap,galerie Caroline Smulders, Cape town

« Merry christmas LH », Galerie Hamon, Le Havre
Pont des arts, Paris
Salon art contemporain ART 3F, Opus art Galerie/ Lyon
Du graffiti dans les voiles, Hangar D2 Le Port, Ile de la Reunion
Clichés, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris

Behind the Red Wall, Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco
DiptyQ , Galerie Mathgoth, Paris