Ignacio LOBERA

Ignacio Lobera was born in Logroño, Spain. Since his early age, he had a passion for illustrating languages which led him to study fine arts. During his university years, he conducted a thorough study of the stereotype of the “femme fatale” inherited from the 50s through his drawings. He pursues his research by experimenting with new ways of presenting and exposing drawing beyond paper.
Over time, he divides this stereotype into several basic concepts, which are his source of inspiration and study, to continue working with the line; the minimum graphic element with the possibility of expression to make visible the invisible.

At Jardin Rouge, Ignacio Lobera continues his research on stereotypes related to the image of the « femme fatale ». For his first residency, the artist explores through drawing the paradoxes of local culture. Thanks to a typological study of windows and in an obession to find new ways of considering and exhibiting the medium, Ignacio Lobera imagines the series « Dos Rombos », a kind of shadow theater. The distortion of shapes produced by the perspective allows the viewer to see without being seen. Allegory of the desire and the forbidden, « Dos Rombos » evokes a regulation code created by the Spanish television under the regime of Franco.

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Individual Expositions

Órdago a chicas, curated by Teresa Nieto. Bar Cock, Madrid, Spain

Bajando al cielo, Cámara Bufa Consorcio de Toledo, Toledo, Spain

Las formas de una duda, Study 22, Logroño, Spain


Collective Exhibitions

Aire, Studio 22, April 2014, Logroño., Spain

Sin límites en la diversidad gráfica. Casa de los Tiros Museum, Granada, Spain
Emerge’12, curated by Francisco Carpio. Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Madrid, Spain



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