Hendrik Beikirch – SIBERIA 

Montresso* Art Space  I  November 2018

Today known for his black and white portraits covering whole buildings, Hendrik Beikirch presents today the project « SIBERIA« , a project in the continuity of TRACING MOROCCO that started in 2014.  The intensity of the foreign faces’ power to call up familiarity can be experienced in places all over the world. Beikirch takes these studies of humanity with him on his travels and imbeds them as traces of personified life into new contexts. The project shown is the result of encounters Beikirch had in the remote vastness of Siberia.

Unlike the project TRACING MOROCCO, for « SIBERIA » Hendrik Beikirch has expanded the frame and shows some of his characters with their personal effects and in their environment. For this event, 15 paintings are presented, most of them will be large scale, reaching up to sizes like 320 x 250 cm. For this exhibition,  the artist made a mural inside the foundation. The exhibit also features an installation with 33 objects borrowed from each person encountered in Siberia and to whom he asked the question « What is your treasure, the only thing in life that matters to you? ».
From this project was born the book « Siberia », published by Mare & Martin, which gives an overview of all the works created, 15 paintings and 10 murals made around the world.

From November 5, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

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