Paris – Opera Gallery – February 2011

Opera Gallery organized in 2011 different exhibitions dedicated to Street-art, including the first one in Paris.

Vitaly Rusakov and Zmogk have been selected to take part in this series of exhibitions. The works they produced at Jardin Rouge will be presented all year long in the group’s network of galleries. In this exhibition, Opera Gallery has endeavoured to bring out the evolutive aspect of this practice in constant mutation, while paying tribute to precursors such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Blek Le Rat…

Originally, street art is a militant or detached act, that privileges a direct relation with the urban space. Confronted to a severe repression for vandalism, street art had to leave the edge to exhibit itself in New York galleries in the midst of the 70s where it grew a legit reputation.

Urban art has definitely gone over the wall.

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