Gopal Dagnogo was born in 1973 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. In 1991, Gopal Dagnogo moved to Bordeaux to study art. He returned to Africa six years later and settled in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to learn traditional bronze techniques. The artist lives and works in Paris today.

Gopal Dagnogo does not prepare in advance what he paints, it is the painting that decides for him, he is only the instrument, the tool of his own work. This spontaneity reflects the soul of the artist, abandoning as much as possible the mimicry to move on to creation. In a second phase, the artist performs a reflexive gesture and provides equilibrium and vibration to his whole creation. The different layers of his paintings are as many levels of interpretation and it is not uncommon to see a hen, a bottle of Gordon’s dry Gin echoing some ritual ceremonies in Africa, shoes, an armchair, all arranged in a coherent mess. From chaos springs up life and from banality emanates the sacred. These still lives, freed from their classical aesthetic codes, reveal our society, its appearances and paradoxes.

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(Exhibition selection)

Solo shows

Gallery Witteveen, Amsterdam, Holland
Gallery Susse Frères, Paris, France

Gallery Le Sud, Zürich, Switzerland
Gallery Out of Africa, Sitges, Spain

Gallery Manufacture 45, Rouen, France
Gallery Eric Dumont, Troyes, France

Collective exhibitions

Galerie Eric Dumont, Troyes
Mini Gallery, Amsterdam, Hollande
IN-DISCIPLINE, Travelling exhibition at Espace Expressions, CDG Foundation, Rabat, Morocco
IN-DISCIPLINE, Montresso* Art Space, Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco
Wild Joy, Skoto gallery New York, USA

KUNST RAI Art Fair, Amsterdam, Hollande
Entrée dans la collection du Lisser Art Museum, Sassenheim, Hollande

Gallery GVCC, Casablanca, Morocco
AKAA contemporary art fair, Paris, France
Afriques Capitales, Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, France

International fair of drawing of Amsterdam, Gallery Witteveen, Holland
AKAA contemporary art fair, Paris, France
12th Biennial of Dakar, Sénégal
Gallery Witteveen, Amsterdam, Holland

Gallery Richard Taittinger, New York, USA
International biennial of painting of Chisinau, Moldavia
Romanian parliament, Bucharest, Romania