Damien Mauro has been painting for over fifteen years in the streets under the pseudonym GoddoG and has now started to paint on canvases. In love with the city he grew up in, Orgosolo, in Sardinia (famous for its murals), he began painting on walls in his teen years and developed a graphic and geometrical style.

Goddog acquired an iconographic knowledge during his many travels, attracting and collecting images. The artist immerses himself into a country’s imagery and extracts its essence: refined and naive motives, with a strong evocative potential. Playing with the curves and the lines, the artist draws while letting his imagination roam free inside his memories. He particularly focuses on colour: his mixed shades always result of complex tests; abstraction is then pushed towards mellow, yet conscious, fantasy.

During his residency at Jardin Rouge, Goddog undertook a more accomplished pictorial research and put aside his sprays for paintbrushes. The quality of the canvases he created in Jardin Rouge demonstrates the artist’s desire and ambition.


Mural for Le Mur, Toulon, France

Exhibition at Festival K-LIVE, Sète, France

Exhibition at Centre d’Art Rhodanien St Maur, Bagnol sur Cèze, France

Montpellier fait le Mur Festival, Montpellier, France

Exhibition at Studio 411 Gallery, Montpellier, France

Sessions Volcaniques Festival , Skate, BMX & Street Art Festival, Aurillac, France

Musée à Ciel Ouvert (MACO), Sète, France

Exhibition at L’Appartement – Chambre d’Art, Marseille, France


La Croûte Project, Marseille, France

Exhibition with Pablito Zago at CARGO, Arles, France

Fresque pour Le Mur, Arromanches, France