FENX –  Ring my belle

Marrakesh  I  October 2017

The Montresso art Foundation presents at Jardin Rouge the event “Ring my Belle”, project of residency of one of the first residents : FENX, from the 2 October 2017; FENX visited the Jardin Rouge regularly over the course of two years. He began a highly individual work of art, experiencing freedom in terms of theme as well as format. FENX uses the imagery of the ritualised boxing ring as a timeless space and showcases his contemporary warriors on canvas. Like Amazons inhabiting our imagination, FENX’s boxers are in turn powerful, dominant, seductive and intimidating. In his highly intense canvases, the WOMEN seem to encompass a full and powerful image of life, beauty, courage and vulnerability. Before viewers – distanced voyeurs – the artist seeks to deconstruct stereotypes and questions the recognition of women’s identity, their abilities and individual choices.

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