Dominique ZINKPE

Zinkpè was born in 1969 in Cotonou, Benin.

Far from confining himself to a plastic writing, he appropriates all kinds of media (installation, drawing, painting, sculpture, video). When one goes through his work, it seems obvious that he does not want to lock himself into a process of creation. His art often challenges, sometimes points out, also denounces. Zinkpè’s works refer to his environment and the context in which he finds himself. Zinkpè’s painting explores tortuous paths where the characters, halfway between human being and animal, evoke games of power, masquerade or sex, without doubt alluding to our human comedy. His singular feature is recognizable on the canvas; intimate, powerful, provoking. As for his sculptures, they are sometimes derived from coiled burlap or born from small amalgamated wooden figurines.

At Jardin Rouge, Zinkpé brought with him in February 2018 four artists from Benin in the framework of the first edition of the IN-DISCIPLINE program under the aegis of the Montresso* Art Foundation.

It is through a multidisciplinary practice that his singular trait stands out: intimate, audacious, sometimes provoking. In March 2019, he presentes a residency project at Jardin Rouge based on drawing: « Divines Mascarades »
Dear to the artist, drawing is at the origin of all his creation; from the draft to the sketch, Dominque Zinkpè intends to glorify the purity of a medium that evokes above all for him the birth of a work.

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Exposition collective « Grow Box Art project », Zeitz MOCAA Museum, Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
Exposition « Valse des epsrits », galerie Vallois, Paris, France

Exposition « Zinkpè de A à Z », galerie Awounou, Cotonou, Benin
Exposition « Hier, aujourd’hui, demain », galerie Vallois, Paris, France
Exposition « Lettre ouverte », galerie Art-Cade, Marseille, France

Exposition à la villa Arson
Zinkpè, Fondation Zinsou,Cotonou Bénin

Exposition Zinkpè, Galerie Read, Afrique du Sud
Exposition parfum d’existence, Institut français

Exposition ANIMA, Galerie In Situe, Paris france
Exposition Koton’oo Galerie ARTE Dakar, Sénégal
Exposition Spirit Mastria , Maison Rouge, Cotonou Bénin



IN-DISCIPLINE#1, espace Expressions, Fondation CDG, Rabat, Maroc
In-discipline #1, espace Montresso*, Marrakech, Maroc

Exposition l’Afrique des Routes, Musée Quai Branly Jacques Chirac, Paris France

Art fair Joburg 2016, Afrique du Sud
Foire d’Art contemporain AKAA Galerie Vallois, Galerie Polysémie, Paris France
Hommage au Bénin, Château de Tanley

Exposition Africa Africans, Musée Afro Brasil

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