Tarek Benaoum I Neuröne I SY I 310 – DO YOU SPEAK MY LANGUAGE ?

Jardin Rouge I  Marrakesh  I  Fev 2016

Do you speak my language is the narrative of the daily life of the artists residence Jardin Rouge, the several visual expressions are inscribed within the very context, at first unkown. Tarek Benaoum native from Salé, Neuröne from Marseille, Sy from Saint-Pétersbourg and 310 the Muscovite all took place in the studio to create, to conceptualize, to go beyond their own and initial creation. Jardin Rouge stages the wealth of artistic languages to give to the projects of artists in residence a sensitive and innovative existence, given to the viewer.

The artists in residence Sun7 and WOW123  hosted a workshop for kids about the  discovering of the letters and how to be a graffiti writer during the presentation DYSML?

See the work of Tarek BENAOUM

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Catalogue of DYSML? in French