David Mesguich – Conditions suspensives

Jardin Rouge I December 2018

Jardin Rouge presents the residency work « Conditions suspensives » of the artist David Mesguich at the Helmet living room.

Through a polymorphous practice, the artist questions the man’s place in our urban environments, conditioned places, made of boundaries and limits that compartmentalize and restrain freedom of movement as well as freedom of thought.

« Conditions Suspensives » unveils a series of small format sculptures illustrating the fate of anonymous, stateless people, in a physical or psychic in-between. More engaged monumental works show the fall of our civilization and with it, our certainties. 

By bringing together 3D imaging techniques and traditional modeling, the artist creates faceted structures using a black and white bi-chromatic palette. Emanating from the world of video games, from where David Mesguich comes, these articulated mannequins, with sharp lines eliminating any attempt to individual portrait, appear suspended in an instant of grace. 

More information about the artist  David Mesguich