Charly d’Almeida was born in 1968 in Cotonou, Benin. He is part of this generation of artists who opened the way to contemporary art in Benin.

His work is a reflection of this humanist approach. At first, it is deeply marked by the African culture to which he is very attached and whose signs he still seeks to translate, which are of course governed by Voodoo: « In Benin, Vodou is more than a religion it’s a culture, a tradition. Benin is divided into two categories, Catholics and Muslims, but all are animists, the Vodou is omnipresent in people’s lives ». Recovered metal is today its privileged means of expression and the revealer of a work in contrasts. From perishable and outdated objects, scum of our consumer society, the artist build timeless sculptures designed to defy time. From the cold and hard material, the artist gives rise to emotion.

It is a sign that for Charly d’Almeida art is « a way to repair the wounds of time, people or events ».

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(Selected solo exhibitions)


Mix(cités), Galerie GVCC, Casablanca

Galerie LOUISE SIMONE GUIRANDOU, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire


Exposition  de peinture dans le cadre du 20ème anniversaire de la BRVM

Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire

Exposition de peinture et sculpture ‘’What’s going on ?’’ maison Cotonou

AKAA  (Also Known As Africa 2016),  1er Salon d’art africain  à Paris

Exposition de sculpture à EBANO Gallery – Milan Italie

Exposition de sculpture au musée de Tanley (France)

RIPO (Rencontre International de Peinture à Ouagadougou

1er salon d’Art Contemporain du Mali « Ségou’ Art 2016 »


Exposition : « capitalisme mon chérie » Le centre vallois, Cotonou Bénin

Exposition de sculpture à l’institut français de Cotonou  (Bénin)

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