Born in 1971, Fouad aka Ceet is a Moroccan graffiti artist. A self-taught artist, he started painting walls at his youngest age, along with the True School of Toulouse, and developed his own playful and entertaining imaginary using bubble letters. As an expert traveller, Ceet once found himself in a restaurant in China, having to draw what he wanted to eat. It was the first time he ever drew his famous chicken, making his friends laugh; Ceet then understood that he could turn it into his signature. Now the artist plays with the cultural meanings linked with this animal. In France “chickens” represent cops whereas in China, “chicks” is a term used in reference to prostitutes.

 Graffiti artist, painter, but also sculptor and designer, Ceet has collaborated with big brands such as Adidas, Le coq sportif, Prada, Lancel… He decided to settle in China where he mainly draws his influence.

 Ceet is a committed representative of Jardin Rouge’s project. He visits regularly and is presently producing a series on major figures of music and film.

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(Selected exhibitions)

Solo show, Chang Sha gallery, China
Solo show « La Chaire de Poule », La Kaz Blanche Gallery, Ile de la Réunion
Solo show, « Raining Colors », Amanda Wei Gallery, HONG KONG
« Off The Wall Jakarta » Group show, Jakarta, INDONESIA
« My Brain Has Chicanos » Wall 12m/7m. Shenzhen CHINA
Jardin Orange Gallery Solo Show, Shenzhen, China
Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

Wall Works Solo Show, New York,Usa
Jardin Orange Gallery Group Show, Shenzhen, China
International Art Fair , Shenzhen, China
Mister Freeze Exhibition  Group Show,Toulouse, France
Idroom Gallery,Geneva , Switzerland
Centre Pompidou Pop Up Show, Paris, France
Los Chicanos, Wallworks, Paris, France

Joyce Gallery Solo Show, Beijing, China
34 Fine Art  Gallery Group show, Cap Town, South Africa
Compton Art Gallery Solo show, Hong Kong
Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco
Biennale Urban Art, Group Show Museum, Volklugen, Germany
Jardin Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco

Download the full biography and C.V. of CEET

Ask for the available works of art of CEET