Benjamin Laading

Benjamin Laading’s work questions the position of counterculture in our societies.

The artist is passionate about what could otherwise be considered unwanted in the monotony of a functional urban landscape. He evolved in the vandal world of graffiti and draws his inspirations from his fellow artists in order to develop a deeper analysis.

In his last series, Benjamin Laading endeavoured to transcribe and fix on canvas the instant when the paint is sprayed by the aerosol. His dimensional approach bears the infinitely small on gigantic canvases, and confronts the significant to the signified.

Benjamin Laading currently lives in Paris and his work is exhibited in France, Switzerland, Norway, and now in Morrocco at Jardin Rouge.

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Enluminures, Maison de la RATP, Paris

La croisee des chemins, intervention, Grigny.

Urbanart Biennale, exposition collective, Völklingen.

Aux pieds des murs, intervention, Lure.

Montresso* Art Space, exposition collective, Marrakech.


VAO collective, exposition collective, Urban Spree, Berlin

Jaillir, exposition personnelle, Jardin Rouge, Marrakech

Origines, exposition collective, Centre Culturel le BRASS, Bruxelles.

Digital Exartcise, exposition collective, 100 ECS dans le cadre de Futur en Seine, Paris.


Le M.U.R. XIII, intervention, Paris.

Glory Wall, exposition collective, MAC’A, Cloïtre Saint-Louis, Avignon.

Art in House, intervention, Biarritz.

Densité, exposition collective, Galerie Celal, Paris
Ride The Wall, intervention, Genève.

Gadekunstlaug, intervention, Kristiansand.

Densité, exposition collective, Galerie Martine Ehmer, Bruxelles.


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