Jardin Rouge  I  October 2016

Two simple yet huge words sum up Benjamin LAADING’s work: time and space.

During two years, this young dandy regularly came to Morocco at the artistic residency of Jardin Rouge. He took the time to reflect and progressively built his concentric compositions. In his work, Benjamin LAADING tirelessly transcribes and fixes the instant when the paint is sprayed by the aerosol.

Far from an aesthetic gesture, Benjamin LAADING has developed his own visual language, and turned space into an artistic substance itself. His dimensional approach bears the infinitely small on gigantic canvas and confronts the significant to the signified. The density of his dots induces a dialogue with space. There is therefore a need to understand the mysteries of the gasps linking the visible and the invisible worlds.  The abstraction of representation allows to focus on the essence of the subconscious mind from where a spring hastily spurts.

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