Group Show – Behind The Red Wall

Marrakech – Jardin Rouge – May 2014

The graffiti frenzy took hold of Jardin Rouge in Marrakech with the event “BEHIND THE RED WALL” on Friday 23rd of May 2014.

As some trailblazers of New York graffiti movement, the TATS CRU and other international artists (ECB, TOAST, TILT, JACE, CEET, 123KLAN, VITALY RUSAKOV, SY, POES et JOBER),  were privately visiting, Jardin Rouge opened its doors to external visitors. Three generations from the graffiti movement assisted and exhibited their works produced at Jardin Rouge.

The liveliness of this movement made it possible for it to durably settle in the collective imagery; by shaking the conventions, graffiti opened new perspectives for contemporary art, now put in the light at Jardin through some 20 exhibited works.

La vitalité de ce mouvement lui a permis de s’ancrer durablement dans l’imagerie collective ; en chamboulant les conventions, le graffiti a donné de nouvelles perspectives à l’art contemporain aujourd’hui mis en avant à Jardin Rouge à travers plus de vingtaines d’œuvres exposées.

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