Armand BOUA

Armand Boua, born 1978 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Graduated of the National National School of Fine Arts of ivory Coast, Technical Center of Applied Arts, Ste Mary Training Institute, Museum of Civilization, he lives and works in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The works of Armand Boua reveal the lives of children living on the streets, its demonstrate the violence and the political struggles in West Africa. It is in Abidjan, the economic capital at the crossroads of urbanization and industrialization, that the artist’s sensitivity sharpens. His work on children is inspired by street scenes where urban migration creates ethnic, linguistic, cultural and social entanglements.

In the continuation of his work undertaken for nearly five years, the artist develops in the Jardin Rouge a series of striking portraits of street children in his hometown. If he has already treated this subject by painting on cardboard to remind the precarious support that these orphans use to sleep, this time Armand Boua uses local newspapers and magazines to make collages on canvases.

The compositions of Armand Boua stand out by a textured pictorial layer through the use of tar and acrylic used on recycled materials. Each layer is applied then torn off, stripped in order to let appear abstract forms. The stagings are, as the street is, deconstructed. All the originality of Armand Boua’s work lies in the delicate balance between the violence of the execution and the delicate treatment of his subject.

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Ask for the available works

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Solo shows

Kouman de Kekechoz, Jack bell Gallery, London, England

Brobrosseurs, Cécile Fakhoury Gallery, Dakar, Senegal
Dans le Djassa, Lars Kristian Bode (LKB/G) Hamburg
Mogo de Poy-City, Jack bell Gallery, London, England

ChildrenofAfrica, Create Hub Gallery, Dubai
ClacheMoi, Jack Bell Gallery, London, England


Collective exhibitions

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York, Jack Bell Gallery, New York City, USA
In-discipline, Travelling exhibition at Espace Expressions, CDG Foundation, Rabat, Morocco
In-discipline, Montresso* Art Space, Montresso* Art Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco

Talisman in the age of difference » Gallery Stephen Friedman, London, England
Artistic Surgery for Broken Faces. Galerie, PIASA, Paris, France

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House, London, England
1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York, USA
Ethan Cohen New York at VOLTA, USA

Ethan Cohen New York at Art Miami, USA
1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York (USA) and London (England)