L’Afrique en Capitale 

KOUKA – Wahib CHEHATA « Présence Commune »

Contemporary and Modern Art Museum Mohammed VI, Rabat I April 2017

​Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the event L’ Afrique en Capitale present the exhibition « Common Presence  » curated by the Montresso Art Foundation in the Museum Mohammed VI of Contemporary Art of Rabat and on the outside square.

Kouka Ntadi exhibits a retrospective of his four years of pictorial research on Bantu warriors within the museum space. ‘The Warrior of the Republic’ installation, exhibited during the Dakar Biennial, is now on the forecourt of the Museum.

Wahib Chehata reveals to the public for the first time his « Renaissance » series. Mali has been home to the artist since 2014 and where he invented a new mythology, bringing image references to the history of art together with exceptional African civilisation. The artist sheds light, literally and metaphorically, on the splendour of Africa.

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