Mouna Saboni

Jardin Rouge  I  23 September 2019

The Montresso* Art Foundation and the artist Mouna Saboni present the exhibition « Traverser » from 23 September to 15 October 2019, in the artistic residency Jardin Rouge, in Marrakech.

A portfolio presentation will take place on September 21.

As a French-Moroccan photographer, Mouna Saboni’s identity was forged by her origins. Her work thus questions a personal memory, intimately linked to the territory. After having carried out long-term projects in the Palestinian territories or in Brazil, she travels, in a real quest for identity, through the Moroccan land in order to study her own relationship to an immediate environment, as well as that of individuals she met during her trips.

Through a committed and sensitive work, Mouna Saboni then reveals to us a universe full of poetry. By applying Arabic calligraphy to some of these images, the artist illuminates her work with a new glow and thus makes her journey, marked by the two shores of the Mediterranean, resound. Like an open book, the pages of her history follow one after another, in an overwhelming echo.

 From 23 september to 15 october 2019