Dolet Malalu was born in 1980 in Kinshasa, Congo.

A former head of accessory in the film industry, his drawings are largely influenced by the atmosphere of Brazzaville’s neighbourhoods and Congolese music listened by lovers of the « Sape », particularly that of Papa Wemba, whose texts he regularly uses. This ideology, born in the 1980s, is embodied in the artist’s somewhat baroque staging of his operetta characters.

Inspired by the children’s graffiti that can be found on the streets of Kinshasa, made with avocado nuts, Dolet Malalu favours the use of acrylic and pastel, as if to return to his very first drawing book. A flashback that also allows to analyze at a fashion phenomenon that is similar to a child’s play: « My painting is like a fresco with a touch of cynicism of contemporary Congolese society ».